How to measure a Flare V groove weld?

What is Flare Bevel Groove weld?

Flare bevel Groove Weld is type of a weld where a groove is formed between a joint member with a curved surface and another with a planar surface. So, for a flare bevel groove to take place, one joining member need to be a tubular shape. For example, a weld formed between a pipe and plate placed horizontally to each other as shown in below figure.

Flare Bevel and flare Groove welds are predominantly used in structural, bridge and shipyard. In structural fabrications, welds known as T K Y welds are formed mostly as flare bevel welds. These welds due to their critical applications require extensive inspection.

A tubular member can be made from a plate having curved surface or it can be a round member.

Flare Bevel & flare V groove

Figure above shows flare V Groove weld and flare bevel groove. A flare V groove is formed between both the members having curved surface or lets say when the members are tubular shape. A flare bevel weld is formed one one of the member is having a curved surface while other member is a flat either plate or rectangular bar, for example.

How to measure a Flare Bevel or Flare Groove Weld?

Measurement of a Flare Bevel or Flare Groove Weld require expertise inspection skills. Usually, measurements is done using the leg length of the flare groove. based on the joint geometry, a minimum leg length shall be specified. A weld filled atleast minimum to the specified leg length or higher will guarantee that weld is having the required size. Similar, practice can be adopted for Flare V Groove welds.

AWS D1.1 provides insightful information on measurements of Flare welds. Clause provides information on effective size of Flare Groove Welds. Table 4.1 states the effective size of flare groove welds when filled flush.

Does a bevel weld a groove weld?

Bevel weld, either it is a single bevel (2nd sketch in below pic) or double bevel (4th sketch) is a groove weld because a groove weld refers to the weld preparation involving the weld bevel. Bevel means the prepared angle on individual plate or pipe material. In case of Single V (4th sketch in below picture), both plates are having bevel angle. A Groove weld can also occur if one plate is having a bevel angle and other is having no weld preparation (refer 2nd sketch in below picture).

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