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Who We Are?

At, we are dedicated to providing the latest news, insights, and knowledge in the field of welding. Our platform serves as a valuable resource for professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the welding industry.

It is designed to be a one-stop-shop for information and guidance on welding, non-destructive testing (NDT), welding inspection, metallurgy, and engineering. The blog is intended to help people learn new skills and improve their knowledge in these areas.

What Sets Us Apart

  1. Comprehensive Content: We cover a wide range of welding-related subjects, catering to both beginners and experienced professionals. Whether you’re looking for in-depth articles on welding techniques, detailed guides on welding symbols and joints, or insights into the latest advancements in welding technology, we have you covered.
  2. Expertise and Authority: Our team consists of welding experts, engineers, and industry professionals who possess a deep understanding of the welding field. We leverage their expertise to provide reliable and credible information that you can trust.
  3. User-Friendly Platform: is designed to be user-friendly and accessible. Our content is organized into categories, making it easy to navigate and find the information you need. We also offer search functionality to help you locate specific topics of interest quickly.
  4. Engaging Multimedia: We understand the importance of visual learning, which is why we incorporate informative videos, images, and diagrams into our content whenever possible. These multimedia elements enhance understanding and make the learning experience more engaging.
  5. Community Interaction: We value the opinions and experiences of our readers. We encourage interaction through comments and feedback, allowing individuals to share their insights, ask questions, and engage in meaningful discussions with fellow welding enthusiasts.
  6. Continuous Updates: The welding industry is constantly evolving, with advancements in technology, materials, and techniques. We stay abreast of these changes and update our content regularly to ensure that you have access to the most relevant and timely information.

Our writers

At, we take great pride in the expertise and knowledge of our team of writers. They are the driving force behind the valuable content we provide to our readers. Our writers are experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the welding industry, and they bring their passion for welding to every article they write.

Sandeep Kumar: Sandeep Kumar is a ASNT NDT Level III, AWS-CWI, holds Master’s in Welding Engineering, and certified an International Welding Engineer (IWE) from SLV Duisburg personnel. Sandeep Kumar is having 18-Years+ hands-on Welding & NDT Experience.

Jiten Karmakar: Jiten Karmakar is an NDT Specialist having ASNT NDT Level III certification in all major NDT Methods with more than 20+ years of experience in NDT field.

Here are some key aspects of our writers that set them apart:

  1. Subject Matter Experts: Our writers are subject matter experts in various aspects of welding. They have extensive experience working in the field and possess a comprehensive understanding of welding processes, inspection techniques, metallurgy, design considerations, and more. Their expertise allows them to provide accurate and insightful information to our readers.
  2. Industry Experience: Many of our writers have spent years working in the welding industry, gaining hands-on experience and expertise. They have worked on diverse projects, collaborated with professionals from different sectors, and encountered various welding challenges. This practical experience enables them to offer valuable insights and practical tips based on real-world scenarios.
  3. Continuous Learning: Our writers are committed to staying up to date with the latest advancements and trends in the welding industry. They actively engage in continuous learning, attending industry conferences, workshops, and training sessions to expand their knowledge. This dedication to learning ensures that our readers receive the most current and relevant information.
  4. Effective Communication: Our writers are skilled communicators who excel at translating complex welding concepts into clear and understandable language. They have the ability to break down technical information and present it in a way that is accessible to readers of all levels of expertise. This skill helps our readers grasp important welding concepts and apply them effectively.
  5. Passion for Welding: Above all, our writers share a genuine passion for welding. They are enthusiastic about the industry, its processes, and its potential. This passion shines through in their writing, making the content engaging and inspiring for our readers. They are driven by a desire to share their knowledge and contribute to the growth and development of the welding community.

Our team of writers is the backbone of, consistently delivering high-quality content that educates, informs, and empowers our readers. They are dedicated to providing accurate, reliable, and practical information to help individuals excel in their welding careers and projects.

As we continue to expand our platform, we are always on the lookout for talented writers who are passionate about welding and eager to contribute their expertise to our community. If you are a welding professional or industry expert interested in joining our team, we welcome you to reach out and share your knowledge with our readers.

Fact Checkers

At, we prioritize accuracy and reliability in the information we provide to our readers. To ensure the highest standards of quality, we have a dedicated team of fact checkers who play a crucial role in verifying the information presented in our articles.

The role of fact checkers is vital in today’s information landscape. They help combat misinformation, misconceptions, and inaccuracies, ensuring that readers can rely on our content to make informed decisions and enhance their understanding of the welding industry.

At, we value the contributions of our fact checkers in upholding the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Their dedication to verifying information and maintaining integrity strengthens our commitment to providing trustworthy and valuable content to our readers.

Through the combined efforts of our fact checkers, writers, and editorial team, we strive to be a reliable source of welding industry information, empowering individuals with accurate knowledge and fostering a community built on trust and credibility.

What our Readers say?

At, we greatly value the feedback and opinions of our readers. Here are some of the things our readers have said about us:

“ has become my go-to resource for all things welding. The articles are well-researched, informative, and easy to understand. I appreciate the attention to detail and accuracy in their content.”

Brian Anderson

“I’ve learned so much from The articles are comprehensive and cover a wide range of welding topics. The writers really know their stuff, and I always feel confident in the information I find on the site.”

– Sarah from PrimeWeld

The content on is well-written, informative, and easy to understand. The articles provide in-depth explanations of welding processes, welding symbols, metallurgy, inspection techniques, and much more. The website also offers free calculators and downloadable PDFs, which are extremely helpful for quick reference and calculations.

Than Tun ZawDirector MIT

“What sets apart is their commitment to quality. The fact-checking process they employ gives me peace of mind knowing that I can trust the information I read. It’s a reliable source for anyone in the welding industry.”

Ranjan NayakAlstom

“I’m a beginner in welding, and has been an invaluable resource for me. The step-by-step guides and tutorials have helped me improve my skills and gain confidence in my welding projects. I highly recommend it to anyone starting out.”

– Emily- Welding Learner

“The team at really knows how to make complex welding concepts accessible. Their use of videos and visuals in their articles enhances the learning experience and makes it more engaging. It’s a great platform for both beginners and experienced welders.”

Ravin Wijeyaratna MSc., IWE
International Welding Engineer (IWE) | Responsible Welding

“I’ve been in the welding industry for years, and I still find new and interesting information on They stay up to date with the latest trends and advancements, and their articles reflect that. It’s a valuable resource for staying informed in a constantly evolving field.”

Jiten KarmakarSiemens Ltd

We are grateful for the positive feedback we receive from our readers. Their kind words motivate us to continue delivering high-quality content and maintaining the trust they place in us. We are committed to meeting the needs of our readers and providing them with valuable insights, knowledge, and resources to support their welding endeavors.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or testimonials you’d like to share with us, we encourage you to reach out. We appreciate your input and strive to continuously improve our platform based on the needs and experiences of our readers.

Site Exploration

The website features a wide range of content including articles, tutorials, and FAQs on various topics related to welding and its related fields. The articles are written by experts in the field and are designed to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of different concepts and techniques.

The tutorials are designed to be practical and easy to follow, providing step-by-step instructions on how to complete various tasks.

The FAQ section is designed to answer the most common questions that users may have about welding and related topics, providing them with quick and easy access to the information they need.

While Material Welding blog provides a lot of useful information, it’s important to note that the information provided is for guidance only and should not be used as a substitute for compliance with relevant specifications or standards for your specific job needs.

Users are encouraged to refer to relevant standards and regulations for compliance in their specific job or industry.

Material Welding: What information you can find here?

The Material Welding blog organizes the information it provides into different categories, making it easy for users to find the information they need.

Some of the categories include:

  • Practical guides on Welding Inspection: This category provides detailed information on the various aspects of welding inspection, including visual inspection, radiographic inspection, ultrasonic inspection, and more.
  • How to weld different metal and alloys: This category provides step-by-step instructions on how to weld various types of metals and alloys, including steel, aluminum, titanium, and more.
  • Free online Welding & metallurgy calculators: This category provides users with access to a variety of online calculators that can be used to perform various calculations related to welding and metallurgy, such as heat input, cooling rate, and more.
  • Welding processes: This category provides information on the different types of welding processes, including arc welding, gas welding, resistance welding, and more.
  • Non-destructive testing & Destructive testing: This category provides information on the different types of non-destructive and destructive testing methods used in welding, including visual inspection, radiographic inspection, ultrasonic inspection, and more.
  • Metallurgy: This category provides information on the science of metal, including the properties of metal, heat treatment, and more.
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous materials: This category provides information on the different types of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including steel, aluminum, titanium, and more.

Material welding Author Bio

Material Welding blog is a comprehensive and informative website that provides a wealth of knowledge and resources for those interested in welding and related fields. It is designed to be a go-to source of information for all things welding, providing a wide range of content that is organized into different categories for easy access.

The website features practical guides on welding inspection, which provide detailed information on the various aspects of welding inspection, including visual inspection, radiographic inspection, ultrasonic inspection, and more.

The tutorials on how to weld different metal and alloys provide step-by-step instructions on how to weld various types of metals and alloys, including steel, aluminum, titanium, and more. Additionally, it offers online welding and metallurgy calculators that can be used to perform various calculations related to welding and metallurgy, such as heat input, cooling rate, and more.

The website also provides information on the different types of welding processes, including arc welding, gas welding, resistance welding, and more. Additionally, it covers Non-destructive testing & Destructive testing methods used in welding, including visual inspection, radiographic inspection, ultrasonic inspection, and more.

The website also includes articles and tutorials on metallurgy, the science of metal, including the properties of metal, heat treatment, and more. And last but not least, it includes information on ferrous & non-ferrous materials, including steel, aluminum, titanium, and more.

Overall, Material Welding blog is an invaluable resource for those in the welding industry, as well as for anyone interested in learning more about welding and related fields. With its easy-to-navigate structure, wide range of content, and expertly written articles, it is a must-visit website for anyone looking to improve their welding knowledge and skills.

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