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ASNT level III is a third party certification for Non-destructive testing (NDT) personnel. Individual need to pass the ASNT Level III examination to obtain the ASNT NDT level III Certificate.

To receive the ASNT NDT Level III certificate in a specific method, it is mandatory to pass the ASNT NDT Level III Basic Examination.  Many people are unaware of this requirement and get surprised when they hear about the ASNT Basic exam requirements.

How to prepare for ASNT NDT Level III Basic Examination

Watch these interactive videos to learn: 

  1. What is ASNT NDT Level III Certification?
  2. What is the ASNT NDT Level III Basic examination?
  3. Exam conditions & delivery.
  4. Application procedure & exam scheduling via Pearson Vue. Exam structure & recommended study material.
  5. How to self-study effectively.
  6. Important Tips for exam preparation.

ASNT level 3 basic syllabus

ASNT NDT Level III is a comprehensive examination testing the candidates knowledge about basic NDT methods applications, limitations & advantages, various material manufacturing processes where NDT methods are used such as casting, welding, machining and other related processes, knowledge about various materials such as carbon steel, copper, aluminum, other steel types etc.

The ASNT NDT level II Syllabus includes the following topics:

  1. Administration of NDT personnel certification programs: SNT-TC-1A, 2016 edition, ASNT CP-189, 2016 edition.
  2. General familiarity with other Non Destructive Testing methods
  3. Radiography- Testing (safety, X-ray, and isotope methods)
  4. Neutron radiography (NR)
  5. Ultrasonic testing (UT)
  6. Eddy current and flux leakage testing (ECT/ MFL)
  7. Liquid penetrant testing (LPT)
  8. Magnetic particle testing (MPI)
  9. Leak testing (LT)
  10. Acoustic emission testing (AET)
  11. Visual testing (VT)
  12. Thermal/infrared Testing
  13. Materials, fabrication, and production technology related to NDT field
  14. Properties of materials, the origin of discontinuities, and failure modes related to NDT field
  15. Materials processing (casting, welding, forging, brazing, soldering, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, adhesive bonding, etc.) related to NDT field.
  16. Dimensional metrology.

ASNT level 3 basic passing score

The passing score for ASNT NDT Level III Basic examination is not pre-decided by the ASNT. But generally, the passing score is minimum 80%.

ASNT level 3 basic exam questions

Click below link to practice ASNT NDT Level III Basic exam questions and answers.

  1. Test 1
  2. Test 2
  3. Test 3
  4. Test 4

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