E7024, E7024-1 Electrode Specification & its meaning

Meaning of E7024 Welding Rod

E7024 as per AWS SFA 5.1 or E4924 as per SFA 5.1M/ CSA W48 is a rutile coating (titnia oxide) with extra added iron powder making it a heavy coated electrode for high deposition rates on horizontal and down hand welding. 

E7024 electrode coverings contain large amounts of iron powder in combination with ingredients similar to those used in E6012 and E6013 [E4312 and E4313] electrodes. The coverings on E7024 [E4924] electrodes are very thick and usually amount to about 50% of the weight of the electrode, resulting in higher deposition efficiency.

Covering type of E7024 Electrode

E7024 is a rutile coating (titnia oxide) with extra added iron powder. These electrodes are very thick compare to E6010, E6013 or E7018, etc. The covering weight is usually 50% of the total electrode weight.

E7024 electrode Specification & classification

E7024 electrodes are classified according to ASME Section IIC, 5.1 Specification for Carbon steel electrodes for Shielded metal arc welding or E4924 as per CSA W48 or SFA 5.1M.

Similar to other welding electrodes, each digit in E7024 electrode have its own meaning. These digit gives very valuable information about this electrode as given below:

  1. E stands for Electrodes for SMAW or stick welding.
  2. The next two digits i.e. 70 indicate the tensile strength of weld deposit is 70 KSI or 70000psi.
  3. The next digit 2 indicates it is suitable only for Horizontal- Fillet & flat position only.
  4. The last digit 4 indicates it is a Iron powder, titania oxide and can be used with AC, DCEN, and DCEP polarity.

Click here to Learn Types of Polarity in Welding.


Charpy V-Notch Impact (toughness) Requirements for E7024 type electrode

E7024 type electrodes dont have any toughness requirements.

E7024-1 types require welding electrode to have minimum V-Notch toughness values of 20 ft·lbf at –0°F [27 J at –20°C].

E7024 Welding electrode Polarity

E7024 type electrodes are can be used with DCEP, DCEN & AC polarity 

Storage & Baking/ reconditioning of E7024 Electrode

Redry the E7024 electrode at 275°F ± 25°F [135°C ± 15°C] 1 hour at temperature. Holding of E7024 electrode is to ensured at 20°F to 40°F [10°C to 20°C] above ambient temperature.

Maximum 50% relative humidity is recommended for electrode storage or when exposure to ambient air.

 E7024 vs. E7018 low hydrogen Electrode

E 7024 electrodes are not suitable for all positions, as the number 2 indicates, but only for horizontal and flat/plane positions while E7018 is all position electrode. E7018 is low hydrogen potassium based coating while E7024 is rutile titania coating. Click here to learn deep about E7018 electrode.

The ASME, F numbers are completely different for both electrodes. E-7024 (Rutile iron powder flux coating) having F No. 1, is not in the same class as E-7018, , Low hydrogen-potassium-iron powder flux that have F no. 4.

The similarities of E7018 & E7024 are:

  1. Both are having iron powder coating.
  2. Both have 70ksi minimum tensile strength

Selection of current for E7024 Electrode

Recommended Welding Parameters for E7024 electrodes are given in below table based on electrode diameter.

Recommended Welding Parameters for E7024 electrodes
1/8″  100 – 150
5/32″  140 – 190
3/16″  200 – 250

Characteristics of E7024 Type electrode

*Covering is iron powder, titania type for flat and horizontal fillet welding of ship structures, bridges, structural steels  for buildings and general welding structures.
*Designed for high efficiency in single pass.
*Excellent slag removal and good bead appearance.

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