E6019 Welding Rod

E6019 Welding Rod is an Iron oxide Titania Potassium Electrode (having characteristics of E6013 & E6020 rods).

This rod produces welding joint of radiographic soundness similar to E7018 Rod.

E6019 Electrode Chemical and Mechanical Properties

E6019 Chemical Composition (AWS A5.1)
Element Range
0.20% Max.
 Manganese 1.20% Max.
Silicon 1.00% Max.
 Phosphorus Not specified
  Sulfur Not specified
 Nickel 0.30% Max.
Chromium 0.20% Max.
 Molybdenum 0.30% Max.
 Vanadium 0.08% Max.
 Mn+Ni+Cr+Mo+V total, Not specified
E6019 Mechanical Properties (AWS A5.1)
Properties Value
Tensile Strength, Ksi (MPa) 60, (430) 
Yield Strength, Ksi (MPa)
48 (330)
Elongation, % minimum 22
Toughness 20 ft·lbf at –0°F (27J at-20°C)

E6019 Electrode Specification

E6019 electrode specification is AWS A5.1 and it is an Iron oxide Titania Potassium welding rod.

E6019 Welding Rod
Reference: tensileweld.com

CSA W48.1 Equivalent classification of E6019 rod is E4319.

This welding rod is used for welding mild steel, carbon steel and other structural steels.

E6019 Welding Rod meaning

What does the E6019 welding rod mean?

  • The “E” in E6019 stands for the Electrode.
  • The “60” means tensile strength in Ksi (thousand pounds per square inch) i.e., 60 Ksi minimum.
  • The “1” means that it can be used in all positions.
  • The “9” shows the electrode’s characteristics as given in AWS A5.1 specification.
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E6019 Welding Rod Polarity

E6019 welding rod can be used with AC, DCEP (Electrode Positive- Reverse Polarity) and DCEN polarity (Electrode Negative-Straight Polarity).

E6019 Welding Rod Position

E6019 welding rod is an all-position welding rod. E6019 can be used for welding in Flat, Horizontal, vertical and overhead welding positions welding.

E6019 Welding Electrode Baking & Storage

Baking or drying of E6019 shall be carried out at a temperature of 275°F ± 25°F or 135°C ± 15°C for minimum 1 hours.

The dried electrode shall be kept in holding oven at a temperature of 20°F to 40°F (10°C to 20°C).

6019 Welding Rod Amperage

Welding amperage selection for E6019 welding rod depends on its diameter. 1/8” rod works good with 80- 150 amperes, 5/32” with 120- 200 Amps and 3/16” with 150- 230 amps.

E6019 Welding Rod Uses

E6019 Welding Rod is an all-position, Iron oxide Titania Potassium electrode designed for use with all welding polarity (it can be used with AC, DCEN and DCEP polarity.

It can be used on a wide range of base metals, including carbon steels, low alloy steels, and high-strength steels.

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This welding rod is similar to E6013 and E6020 in terms of welding characteristics.

The main benefits of E6019 welding rod are deep welding penetrations, high ductility and radiographic quality welds.

6019 welding rods can be used for single pass and multipass welding applications.

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