JB weld guide for aluminum, plastic, cast iron cold repair

What is JB Weld?

JB weld a cold welding method. JB weld is a two-part epoxy joining system made of synthetic-based resins. It is one of the best alternatives to the traditional fusion welding processes that can damage the material properties, and finish due to welding heat.

On the other hand, being a cold weld method, the JB weld is completely safe for the materials without compromising on strength.

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JB weld is best for DIY projects at home, school, or office, emergency cold welding repairs of pipes, automotive parts, lawn equipment’s or household things. It can be used to join myriad types of materials. It can be used for ambient temperature or elevated temperature applications.

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JB weld originalJB Weld Original Cold WeldSetting time: 4- 6 Hours
Curing time: 15- 24 Hours
Color after curing: Dark Gray
Strength: 5020 PSI
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JB quik weld JB Quikweld fast settingSetting time: 6 minutes
Curing time: 4- 6 Hours
Color after curing: Dark Gray
Strength: 3127 PSI
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JB extremeweld JB Weld EXTREMEHEAT PasteSetting time: 1 Hour
Curing time: 24 Hours
Color after curing: Dark Gray
Temperature limit: Upto 1000°F
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JB weld for high elevated temperature

High heat JB weld adhesive can be used up to 450ºF for continuous high temperatures and up to 500ºF for intermittent heat conditions.

JB weld ExtremeHeat is good for temperatures up to 1000°F. JB weld Extreme heat can be used to join cast iron, copper, aluminum, steel, or any other high-temperature alloys.

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JB weld extremeheat has a strength of 800 PSI for ambient temperature and 600 psi for high temperature up to 400°F.

It is very good for exhaust pipes, manifolds, and automotive applications such as engine blocks or mufflers.

Does JB weld work on aluminum or Steel?

Yes, JB weld can be used to perform cold welding/ joining of aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to steel or any other metal without any issue.

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Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to achieve the best results.

You can choose the best JB weld types as explained in this post based on your actual work requirements.

JB weld for aluminum Welding

To join aluminum, prepare the surface by eliminating any contamination present on the surface such as oil, grease, paint, dust, or any coating.

Use coarse sandpaper or file to make a rough surface. A rough surface will increase the area of contact at the microscopic level, thus ensuring the highest joint strength.

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For JB Weld original: Mix both epoxies of equal quantity & mix thoroughly to ensure complete mixing of both pastes.

Use a metal stick or wooden stick to apply uniform coat/ coats of the mixed JB weld on the surface to be repaired.

Apply as flat to the surface or extruded shape as required. Allow sufficient curing of 24 hours for maximum strength. You can notice it by the dark gray color.

You can also use JB Quik Weld professional for fast curing time but it’s having low strength compared to

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What JB weld is best & how to select the JB weld type?

Before making a final selection for the best JB weld, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What type of strength do you require?
  2. What maximum curing time you are looking for?
  3. What maximum setting time?
  4. What is the service temperature of the part to be joined?

Based on these answers, you can choose the type of JB weld with the features given below. Check them out and find the one that suits you.

What type of JB Weld is Best for Aluminum repair joining?

JBweld products are available in different types having different curing times, strength, and temperature applications.

For aluminum cold welding, JB QuikWeld is a very good option that gives strength of 3127 PSI with a fast curing time of 4- 6 hours. The setting time for JB Quikweld is 6 minutes only.

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JB Original weld also provides a high strength of 5020 PIS but the setting time is 4-6 hours as well as requires a curing time of 15- 24 hours.

So basically, as the strength requirements increase, so does the curing time.

Another option to repair aluminum that requires high strength and high-temperature applications is JB weld ExtremeHeat which is good for temperature up to 1000°F.

How strong is JB weld for aluminum & steel Cold Welding repairs?

Different types of JB weld epoxy are available with varying strength levels from 3000 PSI to 5000 PSI strength.

While the strength of Aluminum is 45000 PSI in the case of Aluminum 6061-T6 grade (The most commonly used).

The main purpose of using JB weld is to join aluminum to repair any crack or leak or to join to some other material.

JB weld strength is more than sufficient in most of these cases. It is being successfully used in the joining aluminum parts for automotive, home applications, and DIY use.

how to remove the JB weld?

JB weld is a solid cold weld repair that is having water, chemical, and acid resistant.

Once the JB epoxy is cured, the only method to remove it is by grinding or machining, or heating. After full curing, it attains maximum strength and is very difficult to remove.

how long will JB weld last? 

JB weld is a permanent type of cold weld repair. After full curing, you can expect full-service life of 25 years as claimed by the manufacturer.

Life also depends on service conditions. JB weld if used in adverse conditions such as high temperature above the designed temperature, abrasion and high humidity, etc. will shorten the life span of the JB weld joint.

The best service life of JB weld is achieved when used within the design parameters using the right application technique, well-prepared surface, allowing full curing before application, and following the manufacturer guidelines.

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Will acetone remove the jb weld? 

JB welds become resistant to water, petroleum, or chemical/ acid resistant after full curing (after hardening). So, after curing (after hardening), it can not be removed by acetone or any acid processing, unfortunately.

Another option is to apply heat. But make sure to check the type of JB weld used. JB Weld original and Qwikweld type & other types can be removed by applying heat above 600°F temperature. JB Weld EXTREME HEAT requires a temperature above 1000°F to remove it.

Removal of JB weld before curing can be done by using acetone or chipping it away.

How to make JB weld cure faster after applying on the job?

It is not advised to alter the curing time of the JB weld as it will not attain full strength. A reduced or accelerated curing time will result in deteriorated cold weld properties that will affect the service life of the JB weld repair.

Which materials JB weld does not stick to? 

JB Weld will not stick to slicky surfaces and materials such as lead or highly polished metals or materials. It is essential to clean and prepare a rough surface before you apply the JB Weld.

does jb weld work on plastic?

Yes, JB weld works well with plastic and ceramic objects.  JB weld epoxy can be used to join plastic, plastic to metals, or other materials. Allow adequate and required setting and curing time for maximum strength.

Does JB weld work on cast Iron?

Yes, JB weld can be used for cold repair of Cast Iron parts. Allow adequate and required setting and curing time for maximum strength.

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