fsbw weld meaning & symbol

What is FSBW Weld Meaning?

FSBW stands for “Full Strength Butt Weld.” It is a welding technique employed when preserving the complete strength of the parent steel is of utmost importance. The term “butt weld” refers to a type of joint where two pieces of material are aligned and joined together along their edges.

A full-strength butt weld or also called Complete Joint Penetration- CJP Weld ensures that the welded joint possesses the same strength as the parent steel. This is particularly crucial in applications where the integrity and load-bearing capacity of the structure heavily rely on maintaining the original strength.

Examples of such applications include critical infrastructure, high-pressure vessels, or components subjected to extreme forces.

However, it’s important to note that executing a full-strength butt weld is typically more expensive and time-consuming compared to other welding techniques.

The preparation and welding process may require specialized equipment, skilled welders, and meticulous attention to detail. Due to the increased complexity and cost involved, full-strength butt welds are typically reserved for situations where there is an absolute necessity to maintain the full strength of the parent material.

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FSBW Weld Symbol

A FSBW Weld Symbol is represented by using a Full Penetration weld. Below is an example of FSBW Weld Symbol for a butt weld.


Below is an example of FSBW Weld Symbol for a T-Joint.

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