E71T-11 Welding Wire

E71T-11 Welding Wire

E71T-11 Welding Wire is a flux-cored arc welding wire used in FCAW Welding. E71T-11 is a self-shielded cored wire used with straight polarity. It can be used for single-pass and multipass welding.

The weld deposits are highly aesthetic and slag removal is very easy with this wire.

E71T-11 Welding Wire Chemical Composition

E71T-11 Welding Wire Chemical Compositions are shown in the below table. Values stated as single is the maximum permitted.

E71T-11 Welding Wire Chemical Compositions (Single values maximum permitted)
Element C% Mn% Si% S% P% Cr% Ni% Mo% V% Al% Cu%
 % Composition  0.30  1.75  0.60  0.03  0.03  0.20  0.50  0.30  0.08  1.8  0.35

E71T-11 Welding Wire Mechanical Properties

E71T-11 Welding Wire Mechanical Properties are given in the table below. E71T-11 has a tensile strength range of 70- 95 Ksi, a yield strength of a minimum of 58 Ksi.

The toughness requirements for the E71T-11 welding wire are not specified in AWS A5.20. Hence, it must be specified by the purchaser in case toughness requirements are applicable.

E71T-11 Welding Wire Mechanical Properties
Properties Values
Tensile Strength, Ksi (MPa)  70-95 (490- 670)
 Minimum Yield Strength, Ksi (MPa)  58 (390)
 Elongation, minimum  20
 Toughness  Not specified
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E71T-11 welding wire specifications

E71T-11 welding wire specifications are AWS A5.20 and SFA 5.20. E71T-11 equivalent CWB specification is W48-06 and the classification is E491T-11.

EN ISO 17632-B equivalent of E71T-11 welding wire is T49ZT11.

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What does E71T 11 Mean?

E71T-11 meaning is:

  • ”E” means Electrode
  • ”7” is the tensile strength indicator multiplied by 10 is Ksi( here 70 Ksi minimum)
  • ”1” stand for All welding positions.
  • ”T” means Tubular flux cored welding wire
  • ”11” is usability characteristics, here it is DCEN polarity, multipass weld, and self-shielded wire.


INNERSHIELD NR-211-MP is the Lincoln Welding wire brand name of the E71T-11 welding wire classification.

INNERSHIELD NR-211-MP welding wire specification is AWS A5.20. The wire is available in different welding diameters 0.030, 0.0350.045, and 0.068 inches.

E71T-11 Welding Wire Polarity

E71T-11 welding wire uses Straight Polarity (DCEN) i.e., Electrode Negative welding polarity. The wire does not provide good arc characteristics when used with DCEP or AC Polarity and hence these polarities should be avoided.

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Does Welding Gas required for E71T-11 wire?

E71T-11 Welding Wire is a self-shielded cored wire which means it does not need an externally supplied welding shielding gas.

The necessary gases required to protect the weld pool are created by the burning of flux present in the welding wire covering.

E71T-11 Welding Wire Uses

E71T-11 Welding Wire is used for welding carbon steel, mild steel, and low alloy steel materials.

This wire can be used for single-pass welding and multi-pass welding applications. The wire is mainly suitable for welding in a field, structure, or working at height.

Due to its self-shielding properties, the welding using this wire is highly portable.

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