E71T-GS welding wire

E71T-GS is a flux-cored self-shielded MIG welding wire used for single-pass welding applications. The main applications of E71T-GS are high-speed and high-weld deposition fillet welds in all welding positions.

E71T-GS Meaning

The full meaning of E71T-GS welding wire is:

  • ‘E’ means Electrode,
  • ‘7’ means minimum 70Ksi tensile strength of weld deposit made with this wire,
  • ‘1’ means all positions welding applications.
  • ‘T’ means Flux cored tubular electrode,
  • ‘G’ means electrode polarity & characteristics are not specified in AWS A5.20 specification.
  • ‘S’ means single pass welding only.

E71T-GS Welding Wire Chemical Composition

E71T-GS Welding Wire Chemical Compositions are shown in the below table. Values stated as single is the maximum permitted.

E71T-GS Welding Wire Chemical Compositions (Single values maximum permitted)
Element C% Mn% Si% S% P% Cr% Ni% Mo% V% Al% Cu%
 % Composition  0.30  1.75  0.90  0.03  0.03  0.20  0.50  0.30  0.08  1.8  0.35

E71T-GS Welding Wire Mechanical Properties

E71T-GS Welding Wire Mechanical Properties are given in the table below. E71T-GS has a tensile strength of 70 Ksi minimum.

The yield strength, %age elongation and toughness requirements for the E71T-GS welding wire are not specified in AWS A5.20. Hence, it must be specified by the purchaser in case toughness requirements are applicable.

E71T-GS Welding Wire Mechanical Properties
Properties Values
Tensile Strength, Ksi (MPa)  70 minimum (490)
 Minimum Yield Strength, Ksi (MPa)  not specified
 Elongation, minimum  not specified
 Toughness  Not specified

Refer to AWS A5.20 Figure 1 for detailed commentary on various flux-cored arc welding electrodes’ full meaning.

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E71T-GS Welding Wire Specification

E71T-GS Welding Wire Specification is AWS A 5.20. In AWS 5.20 specs all properties and characteristics of E71T-GS MIG welding wire are specified.

E71T-GS welding wire

E71T-GS Tensile Strength

E71T-GS tensile strength is 70 Ksi or 490 MPa minimum. The yield strength, minimum % elongation and Charpy V-Notch impact toughness for E71T-GS are not specified in AWS A5.20 specification.

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What kind of wire is E71T-GS?

E71T-GS is a flux-cored tubular wire for FCAW or MIG Welding applications. The wire is specially formulated that does not require any external welding shielding gas and hence is classified as a Self-shielded welding wire.

What does GS Mean in E71T-GS?

The meaning of GS in E71T-GS welding wire is:

  • ‘’G’’ means that the polarity and usability characteristics of this wire are not specified in the AWS A5.20 specification. The manufacturer can decide on the polarity and characteristics of this wire like ER70S-G welding wire.
  •  ‘’S’’ means that the welding wire is to be used for single-pass welding only.

E71T-GS Welding Wire Polarity

The welding polarity for E71T-GS is not specified in the AWS A5.20 specification. Usually, E71T-GS can be used with DCEP and DCEN welding polarity.

Welding with DCEN (Straight polarity) is beneficial when welding thin metals and prevent burn thorough problem during welding.

Check out this article to learn about what is welding polarity and its types.

E71T-GS Settings

E71T-GS Settings depend upon the material thickness and electrode wire diameters. When welding thin materials, welding with straight polarity is recommended.

When welding with 0.035-inch E71T-GS wire diameter, use 130- 150 amperage and 22-28 volts. Higher welding current is required when using 0.045-inch dia. wire, around 150- 350 amperage.

What is E71T-GS Wire used for?

E71T-GS Wire is mainly used for welding mild steel, structural steel, and carbon steel. E71T-GS Wire gives a high weld deposition rate with single-pass welds.

There are no requirements for welding gas shielding and hence this wire is suitable for welding outdoor and site works.

E71T-GS Multi pass or single pass?

E71T-GS is a single-pass flux-cored welding wire. ‘S’ in E71T-GS means that the wire is made for single-pass welding applications.

Does E71T-GS is a Gasless wire?

Yes, the E71T-GS welding wire is for Gasless MIG welding. This means that external welding gas is not required for this wire to protect the weld pool. burning of the coating elements present in the wire produces sufficient shielding gas to protect the molten weld pool from contamination.
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