What is Synergic MIG Welding?

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Synergic Welding Power Source

A welding power source or lets say a welding machine is called to be Synergic when a single setting (either current, arc length or material thickness etc.) is adjusted on the machine panel and the other settings (current, or wire speed, stickout) will change automatically.

As shown in below figure, changing any value on the power source, will adjust the other parameters automatically due to inbulit algorithm in the welding machine.

Synergic MIG welder

Synergic Working

All parameters depend direct on each other:

•Wire feeding speed

•Current strength


•Arc length


•Pulse height

If one of these parameters changes, the other ones will change in a special created Synergic-line too.

Synergic MIG Welder Front Panel
Synergic MIG Welder Front Panel

What is Synergic MIG

In normal MIG/MAG welding power source, welder required to set the wire feed speed (Current) and select an appropriate voltage. The two variables are dependent on the wire diameter and gas used. This requires the welder/operator to have knowledge on the relationship between current and voltage for having good welding results.

Synergic MIG welder

In a synergic (non-pulse) MIG/ MAG welding set, there is a one knob dial that defines the wire feed speed. The microprocessor within the equipment will select the optimum voltage from a look up table (a synergic curve) to match the given current. The synergic curve has been developed to give the best possible settings for a particular current/wire feed speed.

So, now the welder is not responsible to select the right voltage. A trim button can be used, which allows the user to decrease or increase the voltage by a small percentage. The trim action allows the welder to make small corrections in voltage to suit the variables at the workpiece.

Advantages of Synergic MIG Power source

  • Save time with ‘One knob’ operation
  • User friendly interface- save money on training
  • Pulse parameters are selected automatically 
  • Get the consistent welding results each and every time.
  • Ability to store the program in the machine & recall anytime.

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