Understanding the Welding Standards in Australia and New Zealand

Welding Standards and their issuing organizations

Various Institutes and organizations around the world draft and issue Welding Codes and Standards for the industrial uses. Many of them are followed all over the world while a few are limited to use in their respective territory only. Most adopted codes and standards organizations are listed below for reference:

  1. ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (USA) issues Code, Standards & specification
  2. AWS: American Welding Society issues (USA) Code, Standards & specification
  3. API: American Petroleum Institute (USA) issues Code, Standards & specification
  4. AS/NZS: Australian / New Zealand (Australia) Issues Standards & specifications
  5. CSA: Canadian Standards Association (Canada) issues Standards & specifications
  6. ISO: International Organization for Standardization (Internationally) issues Standards & specifications

Australian and New Zealand Welding Standards (same standards for both countries) can be accessed and purchased from Australia Standards Website Australia. Australia has its own welding standards which are being used by Australians and New Zealander’s users. In Australia, welding companies also follow ASME, AWS, ISO, and API codes & Standards also. Standards Australia (AS) is the body responsible for the development, maintenance, and publication of Australian Standards. A brief summary of Australian Welding Standards are given in below table:

The list of main Australian/ New Zealand welding standards are:

  1. AS/NZS 3545:2020 Welding and allied processes – Welding positions
  2. AS/NZS 2885.2:2020 Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – Welding
  3. AS/NZS ISO 9606.1:2017 Qualification testing of welders – Fusion welding – Part 1: Steels
  4. AS 1101.3 Graphical Symbols for General Engineering Part 3: Welding and Non destructive Examination
  5. AS/NZS 1554.1-Amdt 1 2015 Structural Steel Welding Part 1: Welding of Steel Structures
  6. AS/NZS 1554.3-2014 Structural Steel Welding Part 3: Welding of Reinforcing Steel
  7. AS/NZS 1554.6-2012 Structural Steel Welding Part 6: Welding Stainless Steels for Structural Purposes
  8. AS/NZS 1665-2004 Welding of Aluminum Structures

What other standards followed in Australia?

Australia and New Zealand follows harmonized ISO and BS standards. ISO 3834 series for weld quality management is adopted by Australia. The adoption of ISO standards into AS/ NZS is in a similar way followed by British Standard Institute. in oil & gas field, API and ASME Standards are being followed.

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