AWS-CWI Welding Inspector Quiz

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Practice Full Part-A Mock Examination with actual AWS-CWI exam difficulty level.

Why is there an increasing need for weld quality?

  • Safety
  • Economics
  • Less conservative design
  • Government regulations
  • All of the above

Correct Answer: All of the above

 Where can you find the rules for the CWI certification program?

  • A.AWS 5.5
  • B.AWS D1.1
  • C.AWS QC1
  • D.AWS 5.1
  • E.AWS 14.1
  • Correct Answer: C. AWS QC1

A discontinuity with a length greater than its width is referred to as a(n)

  • Elongated Discontinuity.
  • Slag.
  • Elongated Defect

Correct Answer: Elongated doscontinuity

Select the most commonly used destructive test method for inspecting welding procedure and welder performance qualification test methods.

  • Guided Impact Testing.
  •  Ultrasonic Testing using Longitudinal Waves (Straight Beam).
  • Radiography (RT).
  • Guided Bend Test

Correct Answer: Guided Bend Test

A guided bend test can be used to determine what property?

  • Fusion of weld metal and base metal
  • Reinforcement.
  • Impact Strength.
  • Hardness

Correct Answer: Fusion of weld metal and base metal

What part of the weld is affected by the heat from welding but does not melt.

  • Fusion Zone.
  • Overlap Zone.
  • Low temperature zone
  • Heat Affected Zone
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Correct Answer: Heat Affected Zone

The uneven heat from welding will often cause the base metal to do what?

  • Melt.
  • Reduce the tensile strength below the minimum specified for the original base metal.
  • Warp and Distort
  • Increase in Hardness

Correct Answer: Warp and Distort

An elongated hole in the top member of a lap joint would be used for what type of weld?

  • Plug Weld.
  • A Slotted groove Weld.
  • A slot weld.
  • Edge Weld

Correct Answer: Plug Weld

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