AWS-CWI part C sample questions API 1104 codebook full mock exam with answers

AWS-CWI Part C Open book exam questions- answers

Practice full AWS-CWI/ SCWI Part C mock examinations via the video given below. The exam contains a total of 60 questions similar to the actual AWS-CWI Part C Examination.

Practice Full Part-A Mock Examination with actual AWS-CWI exam difficulty level.

To pass the exam, a minimum of 72% is required to get the AWS-CWI certification. So, in this mock examination, you should target a minimum of 44 right answers.

There is no negative marking in the AWS-CWI examination, so never leave any questions unattended in the exam even you are not sure about the right answer.

best of luck.

The answers for this open book exam are given below:




Video Link:

Use the below link to practice other AWS-CWI Part C Full mock examinations. This exam is also a full AWS-CWI part C Mock examination with actual exam difficulties.

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Click here to practice full mock examinations for the AWS-CWI Part A exam.

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