E6022 Welding Rod

The E6022 welding rod is similar to the E7024 welding rod but has a lower tensile strength of 60 Ksi compared to the 7024 rods (70 Ksi).

Classification: E6022

Specification: AWS A 5.1

Welding Polarity: AC and DCEN

Form: High Iron Oxide Covered Electrode for Stick Welding (Shielded Metal Arc Welding).

E6022 Welding Rod

E6022 welding rods are designed for single-pass welding Weld only. They provide a high speed and high weld deposition but with limited weld penetration.

This rod gives high welding speed with high welding amperage for groove and fillet welds in Flat positions.

E6022 Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties

The Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties of the E6022 welding rod as per AWS A5.1 specification are given in the below table.

Values, as not specified, are not given in the AWS A 5.1 specification for this rod.

E6022 Chemical Composition (AWS A5.1)
Element Range
  Carbon, C% 
0.14 Max.
 Manganese%, Cr% 1.2 Max.
Silicon% 0.28 Max.
 Phosphorus, P% 0.035% Max.
  Sulfur, S% 0.035% Max.
E6022 Mechanical Properties (AWS A5.1)
Properties Value
Tensile Strength, Ksi (MPa) 60, (430) 
Yield Strength, Ksi (MPa)
Not specified
Elongation, % minimum 22
Toughness Not specified
See also  Changes in ASME Section IX 2023

E6022 Welding Rod Polarity

E6022 Welding Rod Polarity is AC and DCEN.

E6022 Welding Rod uses

E6022 Welding rod is an iron oxide covering welding rod that gives high welding speed, and high weld deposition rate and runs on high welding amperage.

The main uses of the E6022 rod are:

  • Welding of groove weld in a flat position with a high welding speed.
  • Sheet metal fillet welding.
  • Welding of Lap joints in a horizontal welding position.

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