ENiCu-7 Welding rod

ENiCu-7 Welding rod

ENiCu-7 is a nickel-copper stick welding rod (Monel 400) that is commonly used for welding Ni-CU alloys such as Monel 400, 404, and weld cladding on carbon steel as well as welding carbon steel to Monel alloys.

This rod is known for its high strength, corrosion resistance, and excellent weldability.

In this article, we will discuss the specification, chemical composition, mechanical properties, applications, welding settings, and frequently asked questions about ENiCu-7 welding rod.

ENiCu-7 Welding Rod Specification

The American Welding Society (AWS) classifies ENiCu-7 as a nickel-copper filler metal and assigns it the AWS A5.11 classification.

The equivalent ISO/ EN welding wire classification of ENiCu-7 welding rod is Eni4060: NiCu30Mn3Ti (ISO 14172).

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The rod is available in various diameters and is typically supplied in the form of a cored welding rod.

ERNiCu-7 Chemical Compositions

Following are the ENiCu-7 Welding wire chemical compositions required as per AWS A5.11 Specification:

Chemical ElementComposition (%)
Carbon (C)0.15 max
Manganese (Mn)4.0 max
Iron (Fe)2.5 max
Phosphorus (P)0.02 max
Sulfur (S)0.015 max
Silicon (Si)1.50 max
Copper (Cu)Balance
Nickel (Ni)62.0- 69.0
Aluminum (Al)0.75 max
Titanium (Ti)1.0 max
Other elements Total0.50 max

ENiCu-7 Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties for ENiCu-7 Tig SMAW welding rod as per AWS A5.11 specification are listed below:

  1. Tensile strength: 70 ksi (480 MPa) minimum,
  2. Yield strength of 50 ksi (Typical, not specified in AWS A5.11), and  
  3. elongation of 30% minimum.

The prime objective of Monel 400 material is to provide excellent corrosion resistance.

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ERNiCu-7 Applications

ERNiCu-7 is commonly used for welding nickel-copper alloys, such as:

  • Welding Monel 400, N04400 alloys,
  • Welding 2.4360 NiCu30Fe alloy,
  • Welding 2.4375 NiCu30 Al alloy,
  • Welding Monel 404 (ASTM B127, B163, B164 & B165),
  • Welding of copper to Nickel-copper alloys,
  • Welding carbon steel to Monel 400 alloy,
  • Monel Weld cladding on Carbon steel or low alloy steel

ERNiCu-7 is a Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) rod that is suitable for joining and surfacing of nickel-copper alloys and nickel-copper-clad steels.

This rod is particularly useful for welding materials such as alloy 400, N04400, Monel 404 alloy, 2.4360 NiCu30Fe, and 2.4375 NiCu30Al.

Additionally, it can also be used for joining dissimilar materials such as steel to copper and copper alloys, or steel to nickel-copper alloys.

It has excellent corrosion resistance to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking and can withstand a wide range of marine and chemical requirements.

These materials are commonly used in high-grade apparatus construction, primarily in the chemical and petrochemical sectors.

ENiCu-7 Welding Setting

The amperage setting for stick welding with ENiCu-7 will depend on the thickness and type of the material being welded, as well as the size and type of electrode being used.

Typically, the amperage for stick welding with ENiCu-7 would be in the range of 60-90 amps.

ENiCu-7 can be used with Stick Welding (SMAW). The recommended welding parameters are as follows:

Rod Diameter (mm)Amperage Range (amps)

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