What Is Spiral Welding and its uses?

Spiral Welding

Spiral welding process is used for manufacturing large diameter pipes from strips.

Spiral welding is a specific method of welding that is used for manufacturing a continuous, longitudinally welded tube from metal strip or plate using an arc-welding process (usually submerged arc welding- SAW).

This type of welding is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to create tubes and pipes with superior strength, even at large diameters (Which otherwise is costly process).

Additionally, spiral welding does not require the use of expensive filler materials like those used in other types of welding processes.

Spiral Welding for Pipe manufacturing

The spiral welding process begins with a steel coil that is cut into strips and formed into a circular shape. The edges of the circular sheet are then welded together as shown in the above figure.

Spiral welding terms for weld overlay

Spiral welding term is also used when performing weld overlay on round parts such as rollers.

In this type of spiral welding process, a continuous weld is deposited on the outer surface of the shaft.

The weld deposit objectives in such cases are:

  1. Providing a hard weld deposit on the outer surface,
  2. Repair of torn out shafts,
  3. Weld deposit due to thickness loss.

Spiral Welding Uses

Spiral welding is an increasingly popular welding technique used in a variety of industries and applications.

This advanced method is well-suited to the manufacture of pressure large diameter pipes, and tanks as it can produce high-quality welds with a low cost of production.

Other variant of the Spiral Welding is used for weld overlay applications on round bars. The spiral welding process involves the use of a specialized machine that revolves around a central axis while depositing molten metal into the joint.

This process allows for larger diameter pipes or other structures to be created quickly and efficiently without any need for additional material or labor costs.

Spiral Welding

Spiral Welding Advantages

Spiral welding offers many advantages over traditional welding techniques, making it an attractive option for many types of metal fabrication and construction applications.

One of the biggest advantages of spiral welding is its high speed and productivity. This process can create welds quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for large diameter pipe manufacturing.

The use of automatic control systems also makes spiral welding more accurate than manual methods, resulting in better overall quality control.

Spiral welding process is an automatic welding process with minimal manual intervention.

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