Welding Inspector Jobs and salary in Singapore

Who is a Welding Inspector & Certified Welding Inspector?

Welding Inspectors are the personnel who ensure the quality of welds by performing various tasks at different stages of the fabrication of a part. Their role is not only to inspect the final weld but also to ensure that a systematic approach is being followed in welding. Welding Inspector performs tasks before the start of the welding & after the welding is finished as well as during the welding operation. When we use the term a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) is a professional certification by the American Welding Society. Although there are other certifications programs too for welding Inspector- Notably are CSWIP Certification & another one is IWIP-C.

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AWS-CWI vs. CSWIP vs IWIP Certification

Usually, the welding inspector makes sure all the welding conditions are within the allowed limits before the start of the welding. He/ she will check the right welding electrode, base material, qualified welder, and other related things are permitted for the welding. Similarly, during welding and after welding inspection control is ensured by the welding inspector personnel.

CSWIP 3.1 or AWS-CWI for welding inspector in Singapore?

CSWIP is more recognized in Singapore due to the dominant oil & gas sectors. Amongst the oil and gas,  shipyards, construction sector, companies post vacancies with CSWIP 3.1 as the minimum qualification required for the welding inspector positions. Although, there are companies that hire AWS-CWI also.

Click here for CSWIP 3.1/3.2 Certification, fees, Exam patterns, Exam tips

If you have not taken a certification yet then it is good to go for CSWIP certification. The validity of the AWS-CWI certificate is 3 years while for CSWIP it is 5 years. After 3/ 5 year period, the certificate holder needs to apply for the renewal.

Salary range for Welding Inspector in Singapore?

In Singapore, a welding inspector earns SDG1500 – 3500 per month. On average, a CSWIP or CWI Welding inspector gets a salary of SGD 2500 per month. Big companies pay higher wages compared to small organizations with additional perks such as transport, allowances, and overtime working.

Companies engaged in the oil & gas sector pay up to SGD 3500 and even SGD 4500 to Senior Welding Inspectors. So, experience along with certification is also a deciding factor for the salary of a Welding Inspector in Singapore.

Cost of Living in Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant and lively country. It’s a small island and more people. So, obviously, the main cost is the housing/ accommodation. The cost of living for a single person is listed below:

  1. Shared accommodation cost around SGD200 – 300 per month
  2. Food approx. SGD200 per month
  3. Other expenditure SGD 200 per month.

Usually, companies provide accommodation and then the cost of accommodation is less than SGD 100. Also, the cost depends on individual style. Living with family in a Welding Inspector salary as an ex-pat is not a good option as the cost with family can go up to SGD 2500 per month. Especially, children’s education can be quite costly in Singapore.

Living in a condo cost higher than living in an HDB apartment.

Websites for Job Search in Singapore (SG)

It is easy to search for openings and apply online for jobs in Singapore. There are many good and trusted websites for persons looking for a job in Singapore. The best websites to search for a job in Singapore are:

  1. https://singapore.recruit.net/
  2. https://sg.indeed.com/
  3. http://www.linkedin.com
  4. Google jobs
  5. https://www.careerjet.sg/
  6. https://sg.jobsdb.com/

What other certifications to progress your career?

If you are currently working as a Welding Inspector, it is highly recommended to upgrade your skills and qualifications such as :

  1. Gaining higher level such as SCWI or CSWIP 3.2.
  2. NDT Level II
  3. ISO 9001: 2015 Lead Auditor
  4. API certificates

Welding inspectors who have experience in projects works are more demanded than those who are working in an in-house fabrication. Working on projects provides a good experience to deal with various scenarios to an individual.

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