Top Welding Schools in New York NY city

Welding Schools in New York, NYC

Welding is an essential skill for many industries, and New York City has some of the best welding schools in the country.

These schools provide students with expert instruction and a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of welding.

Whether you’re looking to become a welder or advance your current career, these schools can teach you the skills needed to succeed in this exciting field.

The first step towards becoming a certified welder is finding the right school. New York City’s top welding schools offer an array of courses designed to give students an edge on their competition.

From beginner courses covering safety basics to advanced courses covering complex techniques, each program is tailored to fit individual skill levels and goals.


1. Apex Technical School

Apex Technical School in NYC is offering a combination welding program to meet the demands of the current job market.

This well structured curriculum will provide students with the skills necessary for success in the welding industry.

Students enrolled in this program will benefit from hands-on experience and AWS/ DOT welding certifications upon completion.

The Apex Technical School combination welding program provides detailed instruction on various different processes, including MIG and TIG welding, as well as Plasma Cutting and pipefitting.

Website: Apex Technical School

Contact Number: +1 212-645-3300

2. School for Cooperative Technical Education

The School for Cooperative Technical Education in New York, NY is offering the NYS Dept. of Transportation’s Field Welders Certification Exams, as well as the FDNY Certificate of Fitness F-60 and G-60.

This certification exam is essential for individuals in the welding industry who are looking to become certified welders and secure employment.

The test covers all aspects of welding safety and techniques and is necessary for any welder looking to work on important projects in New York State.

Website: School for Cooperative Technical Education

Contact Number: +1 212-369-8800 ext. 2311


3. Long Island Welding School

Long Island Welding School, New York, is offering courses for those interested in welding safety, welding process and advanced welding.

The school provides three main courses to choose from: Learn to Weld Basics course, Learn to Weld Advanced Course, and the Learn to Weld Professional Course.

Website: Long Island Welding School

Contact Number: +1 516-997-8586

4. Jamestown Community College

Jamestown Community College offers a comprehensive Welding Technology Certificate program to prepare students for career success in the welding industry.

This certificate is designed to provide students with the skills they need to enter the workforce as skilled welders and fabricators. The program covers all aspects of welding process and welding inspection.

The curriculum focuses on both theoretical and practical instruction, allowing students to develop a well-rounded understanding of welding principles and techniques.

The coursework also introduces safety protocols and best practices for proper operation of tools and machinery used in the welding industry.

Website: Jamestown Community College

Contact Number:  (716) 338-1000

5. Modern Welding School

Modern Welding School, New York is now offering combination welding, TIG, MIG and Gas welding courses.

These courses are ideal for those who want to become a certified welder. The school provides comprehensive training in all of these welding types to ensure that students have the skills and knowledge required for successful employment as welders.

Combination welding-combo welder

The school also offers AWS certified welder certification programs which provide students with the necessary qualification for employment in the welding industry.

Students can gain valuable experience from working with experienced instructors who have extensive experience in the industry.

Website: Modern Welding School

Contact Number: 800.396.6810

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