Siegmund welding-Fixture tables

Siegmund Welding Tables

Welding tables are a necessary piece of equipment for any welder. They provide a sturdy work surface and the ability to clamp up to two pieces of metal in place. The welding table is one of the most important pieces of welders equipment. Welding tables come in many different shapes, sizes and materials.

The size, shape and material that you select will depend on your specific needs.

Buy Siegmund Welding Tables Online

You can purchase readymade, Siegmund Welding Tables online. Below are the recommended welding tables with the best prices for home & welding shop uses.

ImageProductDetailsBest Price
Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit36in.L x 24in.W x 33 1/4in.H overall size
Fixed position top,
Free-4 threaded adapters, 4 stop bases with stop plates, 4 magnetic rests, 8 V-blocks and 4 inserted clamps.
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Rhino Welding Table with free 66 pc. Fixture KitHeavy Duty Portable Welding Table, with tooling space & free 66 pieces fixture kit. Great price.
Locking Casters, Reversible Tabletop, 5/8″ steel top plate.
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Strong Hand welding Table & Tools Kit – 24-Pc. kit36in.Length x 24inch Width alloy steel ,
16mm holes- 2 inch x 2 inch
Free 24 pieces startup kit
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Strong Hand Modular Welding Table48″L X 36″W X 36″H
Modular Welding Table
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What is Siegmund Welding Table?

The Siegmund welding table is a versatile and sturdy worktable that is perfect for any industry. It’s designed to be used in a variety of ways, from a welding table to an assembly table.

The Siegmund welding table has been designed with safety in mind and meets all the requirements of different welding fabrication fixturing needs.

You can buy ready-made or customized Siegmund Welding Tables in the market. For a customized type, you can choose the length, width & height according to your need.

The length can be further adjusted using the riser blocks. This makes the reconfiguration easy.

You can use adjustable legs with locking-type caster wheels to allow the table movement from one place to other.

This is helpful when you want to move your job without altering fixture locations from one station to another.

The Siegmund Tables are having a nitrided surface that gives it a good hardness against damage from material handling & fabrication as well as protection from corrosion.

Parts of Siegmund Table

The main parts of a Siegmund Welding Tables are:

  1. Table Block
  2. Adjustable Legs for height adjustment
  3. Stops- Flat shape, L Shape
  4. Lock Bolts
  5. Clamps- Different types
  6. Adjustable squares
  7. Blocks
  8. Universal Stoppers
  9. Special fixtures
  10. Riser Blocks (Optional)

Making a Homemade Siegmund Table

You can make your own homemade Siegmund Welding Table for Welding & fixturing activities.

  1. Choose the width & length of the Siegmund Welding Table to meet your requirements.
  2. Take a steel plate of 1-inch or higher to make the Top plate.
  3. Buy readymade adjustable legs from the market or fabricate your own either fixed type or adjustable type. You can also attach Caster wheels to move your table from one place to other. Some types of Siegmund Welding Table Legs are shown in the picture below.
  4. Drill the holes in a square grid pattern at a distance of 100x100mm (4 inches x 4 inches). You can keep your custom size to meet your needs. You can get nitriding heat treatment to improve its erosion and corrosion resistance.

Adjustable Legs for Siegmund Welding Table

Siegmund Tables accessories?

Siegmund Welding Table is used to aid welding fabrication. It helps to hold the assembly parts during the tacking and fitment stage.

To aid these activities, various tools & accessories are used with Siegmund Table. Below are the main tools & accessories that are very useful with Siegmund Welding Table:

  1. Table Stop
  2. Modular Welding Clamps
  3.  Two-Axis Welding Clamp
  4. Hand Tool Toggle Clamp
  5. Table Clamp
  6. Positioning Woodworking Adjustable Desktop Clips
  7.  Bench Dog Clamp

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