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Welding Inspection

Get familiar with welding inspection methods, acceptance criteria and codes.

Welding Calculators

Free Welding & NDT Calculator Tools to enhance your Productivity, Quality and skills.

dye-penetrant-inspection indication

Non-Destructive Testing

Get in-depth knowledge of basic & advanced NDT Methodologies, Applications & Certifications

In-Depth Guides​


Learn how to weld various types of materials, How to choose the right welding electrodes, preheat temperature, heat treatment- Everything you wish to know is covered.

Watch & Learns

Welding & NDT Videos

Watch and learn- Comprehensive range of Welding & NDT videos covering techniques as well as latest exam questions to guide you at every step of the Success.

Materials & metallurgy

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Materials- Metallurgy

Learn the basics of Welding Metallurgy, materials selection criteria, properties of different materials, Heat Treatment Processes, Failure mechanisms and much more….