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MSc. in Welding Engineering

I created this detailed post to help and guide all our welding community friends and this post is dedicated to all new Welding Engineering Learners. I am sure this post will clear your many doubts. In case, you still need any additional information do let me know.

I graduated from Cranfield University and now I get frequent queries regarding studying MSc. in Welding Engineering at Cranfield University, where people wish to develop their professional career with this academic qualification at the post-graduate level.

Why to choose Cranfield University?

Cranfield University is among one of the best post-graduate universities offering an MSc. in Welding Engineering.

The course is accredited by the Engineering Council, UK, and well recognized among the industries.

The course intake is throughout the year for part-time students.  Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), The Welding Institute (TWI), Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3), and Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET).

How to Apply for MSc. in Welding Engineering at Cranfield University?

The application mode MSc. in Welding Engineering at Cranfield University is online. Students seeking information to Apply can apply via this link Cranfield University – Online applications.

An EVE account needs to be created on the Cranfield site which is free of cost and so the application process.

There are no charges for applying to the Cranfield University courses. After making the account, students need to apply and submit their interest along with required pre-qualification documents (such as Graduate degree certificate, transcript, and IELTS score in case of international students).

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The application is further reviewed by the Cranfield University admission team and if a student meets all the requirements then he/ she will be offered a Letter of offer which they need to accept and email back to the admission team. Congratulation…………..

Mode of study available?

MSc. in Welding Engineering at Cranfield University is offered as a full-time learning as well as part-time learning.

Full-time course duration is 1 year while part-time runs up to 3 years. A part-time student can finish his MSc. earlier too but then it all depends on how frequently he/ she can travel to the University and finish his examinations.

Course fees & other expenses

The fees for MSc. in Welding engineering at Cranfield University is changes every year, usually an increase of £1000.

Current fees for home students are £10,500 while for overseas students is £21,500. The fees are same for the part-time course and full-time MSc. in Welding Engineering is £21,500.

The students have the option to pay the fees in installment which is a very good choice to afford this costly study.

You can pay the fees in four equal installments and the Staff at Cranfield University is very accommodating to students’ needs.

If you are studying full time, there will be additional expenses of £10,500 to cover your accommodation and other expenses.

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As part-time students, students need to travel twice a year to attend the modules and examinations at the University so depending on how close to the country you are, you can calculate your expenses.

For me, traveling from the gulf to the UK costs me £1500 per trip (It can be lower depending on how much you spent). Now with corona issues, the cost will be increased due to the higher price for the air tickets.

Course structure

To get the MSc. degree in Welding Engineering, a student needs to pass the following subjects along with a thesis (Point 8) which carries 40% marks.

  1. Welding Processes and Equipment
  2. Welding Systems and Research Methods
  3. Design of Welded Structures
  4. Welding Metallurgy
  5. Introduction to Materials for Welding Engineering
  6. Management of Weld Quality
  7. Advanced Welding Processes
  8. Thesis

In the above subjects, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 are accessed by written examination while 2 & 8 are project basis where students need to write project report and thesis.

More details about the program structure is available at Welding Engineering MSc (cranfield.ac.uk)

Life at Cranfield University

Cranfield is situated far from London. The nearby main towns are Milton Keynes and Bradford. The university campus is near the village named Cranfield.

So, there is not much to do for students although you can make new friends at the university campus. University has its own accommodation and students can live on-campus or off-campus.

Masters in welding engineering salary

This is one of the most asked questions among the people who wish to study Master’s degree. There is no precise answer to this.

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Salary depends on many factors- geographical location, experience, additional professional qualifications, company that offers the job.

in general, in the UK, a person with having MSc. in Welding engineering can expect £30,000 to £40,000 per annum.

A similar salary range of USD 3000 to 6000 is the salary range when they work in the gulf region.

In Canada, a person with having MSc. in Welding Engineering qualification can get CAD 70,000 to CAD 110,000 per annum. So, salaries vary with location and company along with candidate experience.

Other universities offering Master Degree in Welding Engineering

Another option, students can choose is to study Master’s Degree in Welding Engineering is at Ohio University, in the USA.

Ohio University Master’s degree is also widely acknowledged as one of the best Master’s in Welding Engineering and can help you to find a good job in the USA and Canada as a Welding Engineer.

Master of Science in Welding Engineering | Ohio State Online

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