Can a Stainless wire(er309L) be used to weld mild steel plates?

Can a Stainless wire(er309L) be used to weld mild steel plates?

Yes, it is possible to use a Stainless steel wire (ER309L) to weld mild steel plates as ER309L or E309L is having good weldability with mild steel, carbon steel and low alloy steel. However, it is important to note that ER309L is a type of stainless steel filler wire that is mainly used for welding dissimilar metals or for welding austenitic steels to mild steels.

It is not the best choice for welding mild steel plates only because:

  • High cost of ER309L compared to carbon steel rods (E.g., E7018, E6013).
  • Discoloration of welds.
  • High hardness and strength of weld compared to mild steel.
  • Difference in thermal coefficient of weld and mild steel materials.
  • Different thermal expansion between weld and base metal.

Best welding rod for Mild Steel Welding

The best welding rod for welding mild steel are:

  1. E6010
  2. E6013
  3. E7015
  4. E7016
  5. E8018
  6. ER70S-2
  7. ER70S-6
  8. E71T1C

The above welding electrodes and wires provided matching properties for mild steel in terms of strength, color match, chemical compositions and physical properties.

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