AWS-CWI & CSWIP Training/seminar (AWS-CWI vs. CSWIP)

AWS-CWI certification

Certified Welding Inspectors (AWS-CWI) are expected to be familiar with a broad range of topics, including – but not limited to – welding processes, welding metallurgy, welding symbols, welding qualifications, quality control, fabrication, and inspection methods, etc.

AWS has structured the AWS-CWI exam in 3-parts and described in two documents: 

1. AWS QC1:2016 Specification for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors and 

2. AWS B5.1:2013 Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors

These standards explain the structure of the exam and list the topics that will be covered.

Practice Full Part-A Mock Examination with actual AWS-CWI exam difficulty level.

Welding Inspector: The person responsible for the quality control and quality assurance of the welding activities. Here Quality control refers the activities such as welding inspection at different stages such as before, during, and after welding.

Watch this YouTube video for full classroom training on How to get certified as Welding Inspector, how to prepare for the exam, many more important tips.

The Video guides on:

  • Different scheme for welding inspector certification: AWS-CWI, CSWIP & IWIP
  • AWS-CWI vs. CSWIP vs. IWIP certification
  • Different levels of Welding Inspectors
  • Qualification & Experience requirements
  • Application procedure
  • Exam cost
  • Salaries of Welding Inspector
  • & Important exam tips.

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