AISI SAE 1006 Steel

AISI SAE 1006 Steel

AISI SAE 1006 steel is a carbon steel with specifications for cold-rolled sheets, strips, and coils. It has good formability and weldability, with moderate strength and excellent ductility.

The material is often used in the manufacturing of products such as automotive components, appliances, furniture, and construction materials.

AISI 1006 Steel Material Specification

AISI 1006 steel UNS Number is UNS G10060.  This a low carbon steel supplied with following material specifications:

  1. ASTM A29, A510 and A545
  2. AMS 5041
  3. SAE J403, J412, J414

AISI 1006 Steel Equivalent Materials

There are several AISI 1006 steel equivalent materials that offer similar properties and can serve as alternatives to AISI 1006 as:

  1. DIN 1.0335
  2. EN StW 24, DD13
  3. ASTM A29, A510 and A545
  4. AMS 5041
  5. SAE J403, J412, J414

AISI 1006 Steel Chemical Compositions

The chemical composition of AISI 1006 steel includes iron as the primary element with carbon making up only 0.08% of the alloy.

Other elements present in smaller quantities include sulfur, phosphorus, and manganese. Its low carbon content ensures that this type of steel can be easily cold-worked without fear of cracking or breaking during the process.

Not specified (typically up to 0.5%)0.08 Max.
Silicon (Si) %Not specified (typical up to 0.5%)
Manganese (Mn) %0.25- 0.40
Sulfur (S) %0.050 Max.
Phosphorus (P) %0.040 Max.
Iron (Fe) %Balance

AISI 1006 Steel Mechanical Properties

Mechanical PropertiesValue
Tensile strength330 MPa (48 Ksi)
Yield strength285 MPa (41 Ksi)
% Elongation20% minimum
Hardness, Brinell95 HB

AISI 1006 Steel Applications

This steel material specification is often utilized for cold-forming operations (due to its low carbon content) such as bending, swaging, crimping, and coining.

AISI 1006 steel exhibits excellent machinability characteristics making it effortless to cut and shape into different forms depending on its intended use.

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